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Here's all about Warehousing and Storage Services in India

Storage services are available in most of the major cities in India where you can store all of your household goods and stuff. Storage service is a value added service which is offered by most of the movers and packers companies in India. Right from storage of household goods to storage of industrial goods, you can keep all types of goods and items in a storage facility. Warehousing and storage services can be of great use in various circumstances e.g. when you are relocating your house and you end up in a situation where your new house is not fully ready, you can store your goods in a warehouse. Similarly when you are moving out of town on some project assignments and you don't want to pay rentals, you can store your goods in a safer and secured warehouse.

For how long can you store your goods in a warehouse?

Storage services are available for any length of time. Depending on your specific requirements, you can store your goods for weeks, months and years. When you hire a storage service provider, they will come over to your home and do a physical survey. Depending on the results of the in-house physical survey, they will give you a tentative estimates for packing, transporting and obviously for storage.

Warehouse or the storage facility will most likely be outside of the city near the highway, because it's really hard to find lager space inside the city. But that's not an issue because storage service provider will be happy to pack all of your goods before they carry it to their warehouse. Packing is kind of essential because it protects your goods from dust, dirt and any other damages while it's in storage. There are many storage and warehousing service provider companies who can help you with such requirements.

Usually they have a secured space, which is monitored by CC TV camera and security personnel. Which ever storage company you hire, just make sure to visit the storage space they are allocating for your goods and only when you are satisfied, you should go and store your goods there.

What to look for when hiring storage service providers in India

Even if storage and warehousing service is a value added service for movers and packers companies because shifting and relocation is their main job, there are many companies who take it seriously and do their best to ensure safe storage of your valuable household or any other material. But at the same time there are service providers who may not be that reliable and serious. Things changes quite rapidly here in this industry and someone who is in business today, may not remain in business forever.

Irrespective of whether a friend have recommended you a storage service provider, or you have approached someone directly, just make sure to do complete background check and be 100% satisfied with their offers, terms and conditions.

When possible, do a physical survey of their warehouse by yourself to get real picture of the process and facilitates. When you are hiring a storage space for longer period of time, then it becomes even crucial and in such cases, it is essential to go with the best and well placed storage service providers in India.

We can help you find some of the best storage and warehousing service providers across all major cities in India. We'll be happy to connect you to three different storage service providers who we consider reliable, but having said that, it's difficult for us to guarantee anything about services which is offered by a third-party. So feel free to do full research as you would do when you hire a service provider. We'll get you options, but taking a call and hiring a service provider is entire your choice. Feel free to Talk to Us 09831329628 and discuss your storage requirements. We will be happy to help and guide you in the right direction.

Posted by Pradeep Chaudhary, Updated on 06 March 2014 at 11:40 am.

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