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Storage and Warehousing in India: Here's how to get it right

People store their goods in storage spaces which are provided by some of the packers and movers companies in all major cities for various reasons. You may require storing some of your household goods or most of it in a safe and secured warehouse or storage space because you are moving out of city for a few months and you want to save your house rent. Or you want to store your goods for just a couple of weeks because you want to relocate to a new city, but you have not found a suitable rented apartment as of now or there could be any other reason.

Storage and warehousing facility is offered by most of the moving companies especially in bigger cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and other large cities. Movers and packers companies usually have their own storage space which is well maintained and highly secured where they store goods during relocations.

It's not going to be easy for you as a consumer to trust a storage service provider with all your goods, especially when you want to store it for longer period of time. I can understand all your concern and there are so many questions that you may have. But there is no need for you to worry because I am going to talk about everything that matters and I will also talk about how to find and store your goods in safe and secured storage space in your city. Shall we start? Ok, let me guide you step by step.

Plan and prepare for the storage requirements

Proper planning is the key for storing your goods safely and as per your budget. SO before you start your hunt for storage and warehousing service provider or storage facility providers in your city, you need to create an inventory of goods. Creating this inventory will help you understand your requirements in better way.

So create a list of all your household goods and articles or anything other material. Now when you have the list there may be some items which require good quality packing like kitchen utensils, or Television or Washing machines. Basically fragile items must be packed quite well and you may also consider water proof packing for your goods. There may another set of items that does not require so much of packing. So just flag these items for which you want professional packing done and separate those which can be packed by yourself. Packing your goods of your own will help you save some money, not much though.

So this way, you will get a fair idea of your goods that is to be packed and kept in a safe and secured storage space.

Find out how much of storage space will be required?

Different storage companies have different size of warehouses and it's important to estimate how much of storage space you would require. There are certain odd dimension goods which may not be very heavy but require lots of space for storage of household goods. There could be other stuff which is standard like usual household goods. So try and figure out how much of space will be required.

Do you want to store items that require special care while storing?

Usually your day to day use appliances, furniture, utensils etc can be stored in a normal space, but at times you may have certain special items that require special attention like for example you have a couple of bottles of special wine and you want to keep for a special occasion. You may like to store such materials in climate controlled storage space which of course may cost you more. So just find out if there are any special requirements that you may have.

Time to start hunting Storage and Warehousing service providers in town

Now when you know your requirements well, it's time to start hunting storage service providers. As I said in the very beginning, Storage service is provided by most of the packers and movers companies in your city, so you can easily find a suitable storage space. But the problem is there are many storage service providers and you still have to find the most reliable and affordable service provider. But because not all of them can be trusted so you better start evaluating a few of them and then shortlist one of the best among all available options.

Similarly as you search packers and movers companies for packing and shifting of your household goods, you can start hunting storage service providers. Process will remain same again because you have to compare prices, evaluate their storage facility from safety and securities point of view and then after evaluating everything, you have to take a call.

Wondering where to go and how to search for storage space? We can help

Unlike how we help you find packers and movers companies for home shifting, we can get you matched with three of the best storage and warehousing service provider. Without any cost to you, we will connect you with three different storage and warehousing companies. So all that you have to do is to compare their prices, visit their storage facility to get better understanding of the space they will offer and then after evaluating everything, you can take a decision and hire a safe and secured storage space to store your goods conveniently.

It's your turn now. Get instant calls from top storage service providers in town in one click

We have successfully helped more than 26,000 users while they were looking to hire pacers and movers and storage service providers and we can help you too. We are committed to help you make better decision, without any cost and hassle.

So simply post your storage and warehousing requirements by completing the quote request form. Quote request form can be submitted in less than a minute and you should receive response within 15 minutes or so from the actual storage service providers in your city or from nearby locations.

Talk to all three of them and possibly you should go and visit their warehouse to get even better understanding of how they store goods in their warehouse. Once you are happy with the space, you can negotiate on their prices and hire one of them to store your goods.


Usually there are three main concerns. The very first one is to trust someone with all your goods. Second to ensure that your goods are actually in safe place where there is no chance of any damage to your goods. Third one could be the price or rent of storage space that you are searching for.

Whatever goods you may have and whichever city you may reside in, if you are unsure about any three of the point above, then just stop and get it clarified or find an answer. You should not rent a storage space unless you are fully satisfied with the space, storage service provider and their rates.

If you are still unsure and want to get started quickly then post your storage requirements by completing the quote request form which is in the top, right hand side of this screen and we will ensure that you receive quick response from the top storage service providers in town for free. We can get you started super quickly.

If you are still unsure and you would like to speak with us then feel free to Call us on 09831329628. We promise to do our best to assist you.

This page was last modified on 19 January 2015 at 11:19am.

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