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Home Shifting Tips: Step by Step Guide to Prepare Yourself for Home Shifting

Home shifting is a very complicated affair and you must prepare yourself to get it done properly and safely. There are so many tit-bits involved in a typical shifting and every tit bit is equally important. Right from preparing the list of inventory to searching for reliable packers and movers service providers, it's going to be a very tight schedule for a couple of days.

This post is to talk about how to prepare yourself to get your household goods packed and shifted quite safely. I will be talking about several tips and trick that can help you in packing and moving of your household goods.

Home shifting usually happens to be Local, Domestic and International. International shifting is usually very less, so I will be talking about this in a separate post in coming weeks. But there is huge demand of local shifting and domestic shifting services in India and many times, we receive queries from users as that they want to do a domestic shifting and they are unable to figure out how to go about it and so we thought to write a detailed post on this topic.

So let's move forward. Shall we?

Let me start with a question. What is the right time to start planning for your home shifting? This is a very important question and simplest answer to this question is you should start planning right from the moment you came to know that you have to shift your home. If you start planning in advance, then you will have lots of time to make all sort of arrangements and you will get lots of time to handle rest of the process quite smoothly and without hurrying.

Next important step is to find packers and movers service providers, not one, at least three or four. Because when you talk to many packers and movers service providers (three or four), you get to know the process and also have enough idea about the charges of such shifting services. More you know, much better decision you will be able to make.

But wait; before you start searching for packers and movers service providers, do you have your list of goods ready? You need an inventory list so that you can discuss your requirements with the packers and movers service providers. Isn't it? How else they will prepare an estimate if they don't know what the volume of goods that is to be packed and shifted? So before you start talking to packers and movers service providers, you better create a detailed list of goods that is to be packed and moved.

Now when you have the list, you are ready to search for packers and movers service providers in your city or from nearby cities. Usually packers and movers service providers travel to 50 to 100 Kms to help you with your shifting, but that depends on the volume of goods. Obviously a packers and movers can't travel that far to shift one fridge or one sofa set that too locally. It makes no sense to their business and it's not feasible either.

Now depending on whether you want to shift your home locally within your city or you are doing a domestic home shifting, you should be approaching specialist packers and movers service providers. Where to search for them? You can search them on the internet or ask your friends or post your home shifting requirements right here to receive instant callback from three of the best packers and movers in your city. You have plenty of options, just look around.

Now as you find the list of packers and movers, you can start talking to them and discus your requirements. At the time of discussing your requirements and asking for quotations and estimates, just remember to ask those packers and movers about their branch network. It's better to hire a packers and movers service provider who have branch at the destination city or in nearby cities, it helps later at the time of unloading and unpacking.

Before taking a decision about which packers and movers service provider to hire, you should always compare them from all angles and assign rating. Lowest price offer is not always the best and same can be said for the highest rate offer. So keep a balance and ensure that you are hiring a company who is reliable and have an experienced team to execute the entire assignment with safety and security.

Now as you have almost finalized a home shifting service provider to help you with packing and shifting, it's time to schedule everything with them and get going.

Bonus Tips:

And here are a few bonus tips that I would like to share with you.

That's pretty much all about it. I hope these tips will help you during your home shifting. If you know want to share your experience with us, the feel free to talk to us on 09831329628.

We share lots of tips and articles for safe home shifting and relocation, check them out.

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