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How to Organize Your New Home after Moving and Shifting

Joy of getting your home shifted successfully is awesome, don't you agree? You will feel so comfortable and happy about it. But you know there are so many things that are yet to be fixed and checked. Once your goods are delivered by the packers and movers service providers, it's time to unpack and re-organize everything. Unpacking could be equally critical especially when you plan to do it yourself. But you can always avail unpacking services of packers and movers companies.

Unpacking should be done very carefully and with proper planning. You have to go through the packing list and unpack one box at a time and set it up in your new home. Unpacking all items together may look difficult, but if you plan to unpack one box at a time and prioritize it based on your needs, then its going to be much easier.

Unpacking your bedding and setting up your bed is the first thing that you should be doing because after a tired trip you need to sleep well. If you have a separate room for your kids, then arrange their bed before doing anything else because they will feel tired and need to take rest.

Once you have setup your beds, you can start unpacking the boxes of kitchen ware. Before getting to bed, you need to eat something right? I am just kidding. But on a serious note, you have to setup your kitchen and bathroom soon.

Once you are done with basic setup, you can go ahead and start unpacking rest of the boxes and setup other appliances like Television, Fridge, Music Systems etc. You can keep painting and other antique items on hold for a couple of days and unpack them later once you have figured out rest of the necessary stuff.

Ideally, you should also check that all light points, bulb, tube lights etc is placed well and working. Next obvious step is to check the water supply and ensure you know the timing in case the water is supplied by municipal corporate (especially in India).

At times it becomes difficult to forget your old home because there are so many good memories associated with it. Specially for kids, its going to take some time as they need to make new friends around there and it may time for them to feel comfortable. So give them some time and everything will be awesome soon.

Feel free to add to this list based on your own requirements and experience. You may also like to check other Home Shifting and Relocation Tips that we have shared in the past.

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