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Home Shifting Tips: Here's all you want to know about how to do home shifting in budget

Whether you are planning to shift or move your home or whether you have shifted your home in recent time, I am sure you would agree that home shifting is not all that easy and simple as it appears. Based on my personal experience I can tell you what one has to go through and how irritating, frustrating, exciting and thrilling it could be.

Right from searching and screening efficient and reliable packers and movers companies to negotiating, scheduling and getting it all relocated in safe and sound condition is nothing less than a challenge. Among all of the hassles and excitements, one of the most important factors would be to save more and get your goods located comfortably.

But fortunately there are lots of Resources, Checklists, Tips and Advice available all over the internet that you can use and ensure that your household goods get packed and moved in safe and sound condition and most importantly in your budget. Based on my personal experience, I am sharing some really practical and useful tips to help you make your move easy and convenient.

So are you ready? Here you go.

Start by creating a list

Naturally, you remember all bigger home appliances like Washing machines, Mixer Grinder, Water Filter or Purifier, Fridge and TV, but what about other miscellaneous goods that is to be packed and moved. There is high chance of forgetting lots of goods and that may cost you later. How you may ask? Because when you call a movers and packers and ask for a quotations or an estimate, they would like to know what exactly you want to move and if you don't tell your mover about those small goods, then their estimate may not be as accurate as you were expecting and they may have to charge you more finally at the time of packing. Won't that look bad and create an extra hassle?

Secondly, when you create a detailed list, then that's going to help you get rid of any unwanted or damaged goods. So you may like to sell out such items when you have time in your hand. So get a list prepared now before you move to the next step.

Find Movers and Packers companies who offers services that you are looking for

Once you have the list, you are ready to start your hunt for the movers and packers companies in your city. Which movers and packers service provider you should approach is a big question because different types of assignment require different kind of expertise and resource. But I will help you figure out this, not a big deal.

So if you are planning to move locally within your city or to a nearby suburb or locality then you can approach a local packers movers company. Similarly if you are planning to do a long distance or domestic shifting then you should approach movers who offer such long distance relocation services. If its car or pet or any other special item that you want to shift then you need to approach Car carriers or other specialist.

So all it takes is to be a little specific while searching for packers and movers companies and before you ask for quotation, just ensure that they offer services that you are looking for. You can start your search from Google, but you can use any other channel or network. Idea here is to find contact numbers of packers and movers companies who offer such services so that you could call them and get a tentative estimate from a few of them.

Screen, Evaluate and Negotiate with Movers before finalizing

Once you have gathered tentative estimates from a few of the packers and movers companies, you should be in a position to eliminate one or two and continue interviewing others. ;You may also check for their reputations and do a little bit of research about how they treat their customers like what other users are saying for that movers and packers company on the internet.

Possibly you should ask them to meet you face to face so that you can get more accurate and final quote from them. You can also negotiate with them on rates, charges and add-on services like some of the movers and packers companies in Mumbai offer free storage for a period of 7 days, other may not offer this services and at times when you are in need, free storage for 7 days could be a good saving for you.

Another important thing to remember is to discuss with them about insurance and any other hidden costs and payment terms. Based on all of these findings, you should be able to take a call.

Over to you

No matter how well equipped and experienced packers and movers company you have hired, there are certain things which is beyond the control of human being and same applies with packing and shifting. It's complicated as well as exciting and thrilling experience to relocate to a new home and you should have fun doing that.

If you have relocated you household goods and have experienced it all then feel free to share your experience with us. You can always contact us and share your thoughts and help us improve.

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Posted by Pradeep Chaudhary on 19 January 2015 at 11:13am.

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