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5 Things you should know about Domestic Shifting of Household Goods

We receive hundreds of calls every week regarding help with packing and shifting of household goods and we face so many tough questions from consumers on the other side. They have so many queries, so much of confusion, so much of hurry and what not. I thought to put it all together in this post. There is no doubt that shifting of household goods and articles is a complicated process and there are so many small issues that has to be addressed properly. Let's find out what are those critical facts and get them right, right now.

1. You should not try and do it yourself. It's not a child's play

Often people plan to do entire packing and shifting by themselves assuming that's its easy and it can be done without any help from a packers and movers service provider. But the fact of the matter is, it's not easy and it does not work that way.

First thing that we should understand is why you are willing to pack and shift your entire household goods of your own and not prefer to hire a movers and packers? Probably you do so, because you think hiring a movers and packers would cost lots of money and so you decide to do it yourself and save some money.

Secondly, you feel confident because you assume you could easily find old used cartoon and cardboard boxes or you could buy some packing materials and pack everything and then find a truck and get your goods transported.

But you forget to calculate your own efforts, costs of transportation, insurance and other costs. If you calculate it all properly, then there is hardly any difference in overall costs of packing and shifting, except the labor charges that you save buy doing these things of your own.

But remember, since you are doing it yourself for the first time, you may end up paying more for transportation and may be towards labor costs for loading and unloading.

2. Contacting packers and movers without proper planning

Moment you come to know or decide that you have to shift your entire household or part of it from one city to another, you start wondering. You know that you have to hire a professionally managed and well equipped packers and movers service provider in your city, but you start wondering about where to go and how to find such packers and movers. You start searching on the internet and the get confused because you don't have much idea of the process and costs. You start calling different movers and packers companies to see how much each of them are quoting without proper planning.

We receive several emails every month where a consumer says "he wants to shift his household goods from Hyderabad to Bangalore and so he needs quotations for the same"

When we see such emails, we start wondering because unless they provide some information about the volume and quantity of good, how do we know how much it would cost? Is it possible for any packers and movers company to give you a quotation without calculating their own labor costs, costs of packing materials and transportation costs?

Point that I am trying to make here is simple, when you talk to a movers and packers service provider, do a little bit of research and present as much of information as you can to the mover so that they can give you a good tentative estimate.

So you better prepare a detailed list of goods that you want to get packed and moved and then approach packers and movers companies for quotations. It would serve your purpose as well as you will get much accurate estimate.

3. Hiring Packers and Movers randomly without researching

Mostly there are professional packers and movers companies available across all major cities in India, but so are mediocre shifting service providers who come to open a shop and disappear in the next season.

Usually, a mediocre movers and packers will cost you less and price sensitive consumers get into that trap. They end up hiring such movers and packers companies and by the time they discover that they have ended up choosing a wrong mover, it's too late. So never hire a packers and movers randomly. Always apply logic and look for impressive credentials, reliable team and professionally management. A few hundred rupees here or there won't hurt you.

You are going to rely on experience and expertise of the potential packers and movers company that you might have shortlisted so it's a must for you to do full background check, meet them face to face, visit their office and once you are happy with everything, you take your final call.

4. Hiring Packers and Movers is no more complex, it's a matter of just one click

Gone are the days when you had to look at the yellow pages and business directories to find service providers like packers and movers. Today, you are bombarded with information across various channels right from social media to yellow pages and exclusive platforms to hire packers and movers companies in India, there are many more options.

Today, you can find list of best packers and movers companies in one click and check their credentials and reviews on different review websites and Google Places pages and other social channels. No matter what claims any service provider is making, you can simply do a little bit of research on the internet and find out whether it's true or they are just saying so for the sake of getting your order? Isn't that's just the perfect way to ensure that you are hiring the best possible movers and packers to handle your shifting and relocation assignment?

5. Ignoring Transit Insurance? Please think again

Insurance is almost mandatory and when you engage a movers and packers service provider, they will insure your goods, but at times people tend to avoid insurance especially when they are shifting within the city or to a nearby suburb. But you know what, that's not a good practice. Whether it's a local shifting or a domestic shifting, no one knows what could happen during transportation and incase if anything goes wrong, insurance could give you big relief. Never ignore insurance, its vital and really important for your own safety.


No matter how complicated and complex it appears, if you know how to get it done and you are willing to plan and execute your entire packing and shifting properly, it could simply be a fun filled experience. You are relocating and shifting to a new home, it should not be a hectic and irritating experience. Make it smooth and exciting by doing a little bit of research and involving a truly reliable and professional packers and movers service providers.

I would love to know what you think about this post and welcome your thoughts and ideas on what else one should do while shifting home. Feel free to share your views.

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